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Lifetime Average: 4.86/5

Shawn Los Angeles

Excellent Wash!

Package chosen: Lavish
Patrick Santa Monica

Super friendly and very detailed wash. Thanks!

Package chosen: Lavish
Francis Los Angeles

Overall, I have a clean truck. The washer was very friendly and worked quickly. He paid attention to most of the details, I noticed afterward that he skipped some. This was a $20 car wash, at best. Had I paid $50 for what I received I'd be pretty disappointed. I suppose my expectations where a bit higher.

Package chosen: Lavish

Super Nice Guy! Arrived early.

Package chosen: Lavish
Brad Los Angeles

Everything was great! A little bummed that the sticky goo that held my temporary license plate to my front windshield was left there. But I probably should have asked him to make sure he gets it. There is still a giant spot, which is anyone. But everything else is 5 stars

Package chosen: Reveal
Samuel Santa Monica

Great job!

Package chosen: Lavish
Sean Los Angeles

Best wash I've had so far. Would definitely request Erling again!

Package chosen: Lavish
Hung Westminster

Very professional, clean as brand new. Will repeat!

Package chosen: Lavish
KC Los Angeles

The guy spent hours cleaning my car. It looks great inside and out.

Package chosen: Outright
Keith Irvine

Late 20min and there was a spot on the dashboard where a sticker used to be I was hoping could be removed. The person washing my car didn't have a solution with him to remove it.

Package chosen: Cozy
Scott Montebello

Fast, nice, great finish!

Package chosen: Lavish
Venessa Los Angeles

They did an excellent job. I was very pleased!

Package chosen: Lavish
Earl Torrance

The technician was thorough and did an amazing job!

Package chosen: Lavish
Lucinda Los Angeles

Beautifully clean, very thorough, really friendly and helpful

Package chosen: Lavish
Nash Los Angeles

It was cleaned fine. But the "demo" where he cleaned my seat and left it two colors without even asking me first... I'm not happy. It was a painfully obvious ploy to make me pay to have the full seat done. Hopefully you all plan on changing that behavior or compensating customers this happens to.

Package chosen: Lavish