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Available 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
We come at any location in 2 hours or up to 30 days in advance

All our technicians are vetted and have 5+ years of experience on any type of cars

220+ 5-star reviews and counting. The most appreciated mobile car wash in California

What makes Washos the mobile car detailing provider you want for your car

Life in Orange County is simply great. Next to Los Angeles County and the seaboard you can enjoy the fast life in California and its exceptional climate and landscape at the same time. And your car is certainly your best friend to benefit from all of this. However, don’t waste your precious time to have it cleaned at the stationary car wash. Indeed, having a car interior detailing to remove the pet hair, the bad car smells or simply to give a new touch to your carpet with a good shampoo always feels nice. And what about having your exterior shine and protected thanks to Carnauba wax or clay bar treatment! The question is: are you really ready to spend 3 hours at a car detailing store to get this while you could enjoy the beauties of Orange County’s beaches?

I would not advise you to do so. Mobile car cleaning services are everywhere in California. And Washos is now there to help you access a service that has not - unfortunately! - become mainstream since it was created. Mobile car wash and mobile auto detail are definitely thriving on the West Coast for the convenience it provides and the pain and frustration it solves. In order to change that, we created Washos, the modern on demand service for mobile auto detailing in Orange County. Washos has gathered the best mobile car detailers in Orange County and Los Angeles County to help you benefit from this incredible service.

And no worries, our mobile auto detailers are insured, and background checked. In a couple of clicks through our Website or our mobile application, you can have a professional car detailers at your home or your office anywhere in Orange County and at anytime, even on the same day! Also try our Waterless mobile car wash for no extra cost. If you care about, the current drought, a waterless mobile detailing is what you need to pitch in the mutual water preservation effort. Don’t wait any longer and join our community!

Washos delivers mobile car detailing services in Orange

55 to 70 minutes

Enjoyable exterior wash & interior wipe down.

Interior & Trunk vacuumed. Windows, rims, tires washed & dressed.

90 to 120 minutes

Reveal the beauty of your car with organic wax and thorough interior cleaning.

Also includes leather conditioning & clean seats.

Exceptional limited time discount! The Outright package is $20 off at $169

150 to 180 minutes

Add shampoo, dress plastic inside & out.

Decontaminate & preserve your bodywork with clay treatment and get the perfect care for your car.

200 to 240 minutes

The Ace includes everything in the Outright.

We added seat shampooing, paint buffing and sealant wax to keep your exterior shiny for 6+ months!

Our customers love us!

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