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Available 7 days a week from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM.
We come at any location in 2 hours or up to 30 days in advance

All our technicians are vetted and have 5+ years of experience on any type of cars

220+ 5-star reviews and counting. The most appreciated mobile car wash in California

What makes Washos the mobile car detailing provider you want for your car

When hearing the name "Hollywood" everybody thinks the same thing: this is the world heart of the movie industry. It certainly is one of the most famous city in the World notably thanks to what it represents: the seventh art. You often have a fast-paced life rhythm when you live there. There are so many things to do in Hollywood that you certainly don't have the time to clean your car. And Hollywood is where you may see the most exotic cars in the world. Opening a Mobile car detailing and mobile car wash service there simply made sense for Washos.

Whether it is because you are rich actors or simply because you have a big commute, you need to clean your car regularly. Hollywood is a city of car enthusiasts. Mobile car detailing really flourished in the area as people cared about getting a premium service on their vehicle. When you live in Hollywood, you want to feel good driving in a nice looking car. But the truth is that most people hate going to the car wash, wait in the queue and having their car washed by a machine. Washos has really become famous in Hollywood notably thanks to the high level of convenience of its service. You can have a mobile car wash coming to you the same day by pressing a couple of buttons.

We provide any service from the basic car wash to small detail and full detail. Whether you want to make your car looks shiny and new on the exterior, to have a full interior detailing or to remove tree sap or watermarks from your vehicle, Washos got you covered. And we also provide waterless mobile car wash and waterless mobile detailing at no extra cost. Furthermore, all our professional detailers are insured and background-checked. They go through a thorough recruitment process to ensure the best car cleaning quality. So if you also don't have the time to go to the car wash, let us help you!

Washos delivers mobile car detailing services in West Hollywood

30 to 40 minutes

Exterior only mobile car wash. Perfect offer for weekly service.

All equipment and supplies included.

55 to 70 minutes

Enjoyable exterior wash & interior wipe down.

Interior & Trunk vacuumed. Windows, rims, tires washed & dressed.

90 to 120 minutes

Reveal the beauty of your car with organic wax and thorough interior cleaning.

Also includes leather conditioning & clean seats.

Summer discount! The Outright package is $40 off at $149

150 to 180 minutes

Add shampoo, dress plastic inside & out.

Decontaminate & preserve your bodywork with clay treatment and get the perfect care for your car.

Our customers love us!

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