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Kari Jo M. Candlewood Lake, CT

My boss got her car detailed and was raving about Erling from Washos so I thought I'd give it a try... I am SO glad I did. I work for and run a dog rescue and have 4 of my own - you would never know it if you saw my car right now. I can't believe how clean it is!!! The app is super user friendly, the packages are competitively priced and well explained. You can also add services à la carte style. After downloading the app I was still trying to decide which service(s) to choose and I received a complimentary phone call from Jeremy at Washos. Super professional and friendly, he helped explain what package would be best for my situation and helped me book it over the phone. Erling showed up this morning exactly on time and was so friendly and knowledgable, he did an absolutely incredible job. I honestly don't think my car has ever been this spotless - and for the price??? Awesome. So awesome. I absolutely will never ever ever use any other car wash or detail service. I can't find a single dog hair in the car and I have 2 German Shepherds and a Malinois and a chihuahua... if you have any idea how much hair that generates... Thank you Washos and Erling for being so great and for providing such tremendous service at a great price! Yay!

Package chosen: Reveal
Gaille C. Los Angeles, CA

Washos is a great service for folks who need to multitask either at home or work, and don't have time to wait at an actual detail shop or carwash. Not only is the concept brilliant, but the quality of their service is up-to-par with actual brick-and-mortars. I like their follow-up and confirmation communications. I believe that the prices for their services they provide, considering that they come to you for convenience. The detailer, Renato, was straightforward, to the point. He called to tell me he arrived (10 minutes before my actual appointment time, but better to be early/punctual than not). He told me what was going to be done for the service I selected. At the end, he told me to check my car to make sure everything was done well. It was, and I have no complaints. I will definitely be using this service again, and referring others.

Package chosen: Reveal
Pat E. Phoenix, AZ

Wow! Magicians! Transformed a totally filthy 2002 Honda CR-V into Cinderella's Coach this morning. Bought "Reveal" package for my daughter's birthday. Outstanding job, and could not be more convenient. Detailer came to her home as scheduled. Daughter could not be more pleased with the entire process and added "when I initially tried to schedule, the email didn't go through, but I didn't notice the error (my fault--I didn't have service but didn't notice) so I contacted them again to follow up and they could not have been nicer and got back to me immediately."

Package chosen: Reveal
Adam F. Los Feliz, CA

Washos is awesome! I've used their service a few times and each time I'm impressed! I used them again today and they came right on time and did a great job. I've recommended many friends. Today I had Erling was my car. He was very nice, explained everything that was going to be cleaned and showed me around the car after it was done to ensure I was satisfied. His customer service was great!!

Package chosen: Lavish
Jacky R. Los Angeles, CA

I tried Washos for the first time today. My Washos certified detailer was Michael Carrera. Although, he was late, he immediately apologized and definitely took his time. my car looks great. I'm very satisfied with the service. I don't even care that he wasn't on time. Great Experience!

Package chosen: Lavish
S T. Los Angeles, CA

Rhyan came to our Hollywood home and took care of both our cars within two hours. He couldn't have been nicer and managed to buff out a tiny scratch on my husband's beloved BMW. I highly recommend Washos for service and convenience! So nice to have a company that actually performs as they promise! And their customer service is on point - very responsive.

Package chosen: Gleam
Travis B. Los Angeles, CA

I had the unfortunate experience of a passenger falling ill and vomiting in my passenger seat. I set up an appointment with washos for the following day at my office. Jessie showed up on time and was pleasant to work with. I got him set up in the back of my company's lot with some space to work. He removed all traces of the accident and cleaned the rest of the car inside and out. $50 for the accident + $29 cleaning + $10 SUV charge for a total of $89. It was a great deal for the quality of the cleaning and ease of appointment. I'll be using washos again at to get my car freshened up after the beach season and ski season. Absolutely would recommend.

Package chosen: Lavish
Khathy H. Los Angeles, CA

I did a bad thing. All over the interior of my car. I couldn't stand it anymore. Washos came to the rescue. Would it be nice if you could have a drink while you got your car detailed? YAS?! I had them meet me at the mall and Octavio parked next to me in his white van. I already pre-selected what I wanted: wash, seat shampoo, carpet shampoo, headlight restoration, smell removal AND all water-less (go green). He texted me when he was done. It was miraculous. My friend said my car looked like I had just bought it. I think it looked even better than when I first bought it. Don't do bad things all over the interior of your car! I would definitely order a mobile detail service again and recommend this service to everyone. Magic is real!!!!

Package chosen: Reveal
Melissa M. Los Angeles, CA

I desperately needed my car washed and vacuumed on Wednesday. There are no good carwashes by my house in downtown. So I googled "la mobile carwash" & Washos was the first hit and they promised same day service and to be to me withing 3 hours! It sounded too good to be true, but for a change, it wasn't! I booked an appointment for them to come to my office and wash my car while I was at work. They even have a free option to choose waterless cleaning (eco-friendly and so necessary in this drought)! Matt was great. He texted me to let me know he could actually come a little early and arrived promptly. He was friendly and did a great job. He spent at least an hour on it and my car looks fantastic. When he was finished, he had me do a walk around to catch the small spots he might have missed. I recommended them to all my coworkers and I will definitely be booking with Washos again next time I need a wash! $29 is a steal for a great wash and vacuum and not having to worry about making it to the car wash on a schedule.

Package chosen: Lavish
Jo G. Rosemead, CA

Yesterday was my first time trying Washos & I was happy with the service I received! My technician was Todd Thompson & he arrived right on time, left my car squeaky clean & finished fairly quickly! I came across Washos because my co worker had literally gotten her car washed 2 hours prior & saw how clean they left her car that I thought I should book an appointment! Will definitely use again :)

Package chosen: Lavish
Amelie B. Los Angeles, CA

Simply AMAZING!!! I often use on-demand services for their convenience when they are of good quality. Washos is definitely one of my favorite!! I love having my car detailed thoroughly but finding a mobile car detailer is a huge pain and frustration. I've tried several mobile car wash companies but I have always been very disappointed. And I hate going to the corner car wash. Having a mobile car wash at my place in 3 hours is something I never thought was possible and is so useful. I think we can define Washos as the Uber for the Mobile car wash. I have a Mini Cooper S and I really needed to restore it so I went with their outright package with pet hair, shampoo seats and headlight restoration. First of all, it took me less than 2 minutes to order. The mobile car detailer was right on time, polite and professional. He explained me how he was going to wash my car. He started with the interior, conditioning my leather car seats, cleaning the plastic surfaces and did a shampoo on the interior, on the carpets and the seats. Then, he waxed the car. He spent 2 hours on my vehicle that looked showroom new. He even removed the tree sap and Water spots I had. The vehicle looked amazing in the end. The detailer left a bottle of water with a Washos Label as a surprise in my car. I was honestly very surprised to see the quality of the service and the user experience. I totally recommend this service and I'll definitely use it again. The customer support was also extraordinary. They called me and texted me to know if I was happy with the booking and if there was anything they could do to make it better. The guy over the phone was really nice and caring about the experience I had. Great job with this App!!

Package chosen: Lavish
Dan F. Stockton, CA

Huge shout outs to Erling. He texted me see if he could come by early, and I agreed. He came to my work and completed the entire $29 wash in a little under an hour. Very happy with his service and will definitely recommend Washos to friends.

Package chosen: Lavish
sam j. Lakewood, CA

Love washos! Terrie S. did a great job today with my wash. My car is so clean and beautiful I am going to be sad when I have to let my messy kids back in it to dirty it up. On time Extremely thorough Will absolutely use again Thanks Terrie S.!

Package chosen: Lavish
Ronnie T. Long Beach, CA

This was my first time using Washos, and all I can say is that I'll continue to use the service!!! I've looked at several different mobile services and it became overwhelming trying to find a mobile service near my place of work, Washos took the guess work out! My technician Mario was professional and did a great job at washing and cleaning my car!

Oscar G. La Puente, CA

1st time using their service and I am very pleased with their work they are professional and on time. No doubt I will use them again on my next wash. Thanks Washos!

Package chosen: Lavish