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Waterless car wash now available on Washos.

Last January, Governor Brown of California declared a Drought State of Emergency. Indeed, the region is experiencing one of its most severe drought forcing the government to take some actions. In a recent article, Doug Parker of the Water Initiative at UCLA came to the conclusion that “there will never be enough water” in California to sustain its thriving and unique agricultural dynamic. As a consequence, it is crucial to streamline the use of water to reducing what we consume. Moreover, it cannot only come from government measure related to agriculture, it has to be a joint effort by the people and companies using water as a supply.

At Washos, we’ve always been supportive of waterless methods to provide car washing & detailing. We made it mandatory for our detailers when serving some areas of Los Angeles. Our environmental commitment started since the beginning, and we’ll always do more to help California save water.

In order to reinforce its eco-friendly commitment, Washos is proud to announce that you can now choose to book a waterless car wash or detail. It is now available in our Add-ons list at no extra cost.

Waterless is now an Add-on available for any Washos customer


Here is what motivated this new feature. Since the beginning of Washos, we wanted to provide an eco-friendly service to our customers.We are often asked why. It is indeed more expensive, but we do it because we care and we can! As California is experiencing a historic drought, we wanted to join the mutual effort done by many people and companies to make their businesses greener.

The Washos founders are three car-lovers who care about environmental issues. Their goal is to change the habits of consumption when it comes to car cleaning. Doing waterless details requires an accurate knowledge and special type of supplies. It consists of using sprays with microfiber towels on the bodywork instead of drowning it in water.

We work with the best detailers in Los Angeles, professionals that master those techniques. That allows us to provide such service. One of the goals of Washos is to give the example and educate our customers on such preserving procedure that is a real alternative to water waste. Bear in mind that a stationary car wash use up to 150 gallons of water per wash which is not a viable solution anymore.


From a business standpoint, being eco-friendly makes sense. Indeed, there is a real growing awareness about water issues in California and people tend to stand out more against high consuming water businesses. Those people represent a significant part of our customers. Moreover, our detailers can provide you with a waterless wash in narrow spots such as underground parking lots. That gives you more possibilities for mobile car washes. The supplies – when used and bought properly – can end up cost less, and it takes about the same time to use waterless methods.

Don’t get us wrong, whether you use water or waterless don’t necessarily change the outcome. Having a good detailer is only what makes a good result!  But we want to give the right answer to all of our customers who feel bad about the current drought and don’t want to take part in exacerbating the drought.

What our detailers feel about water preservation and waterless washes

Our detailers usually have a tank in their van allowing us to use water methods if you prefer this for your car. However, they also have all the supplies they need to do a waterless car wash or details. Plus they know what is best for your bodywork so they will explain you this as better as we do! “Using water is sometimes necessary for filthy spots on the car. However, using waterless methods is better and possible in any situation if you know how to do it,” says Alex, one of the most involved detailers in the Washos network.

I carry a tank of water in my van for the customers that don’t want us to touch their bodywork without using water. I usually explain to them that waterless methods are best and that the waste of water is huge when not doing waterless. When I do a water wash or detail, I strive to recycle as much as possible. I am willing to spend 10 minutes extra on a customer to convince him that this is the right way to wash his car”; Danny, one of the Washos detailer told us when applying to join our network.

Water preservation is a global issue growing legitimate concerns among the population for years. Washos is dedicated to pitch in this mutual effort!

Wrapping up:

— Drought in California is a serious matter as stated by Governor Brown

— Waterless car wash is a genuine alternative and can have a tremendous impact in the years coming

— Using waterless wash methods makes sense from a business standpoint as we witness a growing demand for such service

— Washos wants to be a part of the impact and recently introduced the “Waterless” package option

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