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The 5 steps to perform the perfect Car Wash at Home!

Most people do not know how to perform a good car wash at home. And yet, most people tried at least once. Of course, you can find a car wash at every corner or have a mobile detailer come at your location in 3 hours, you can also do it yourself. Or you can have a mobile detailer come at your location to do it for you. This is what Washos offers you. Let us explain to you how all our mobile detailer provide you with a basic mobile car wash.

1. Start with the Interior

The first step is to work on the interior. Open all the doors to let some air go into the car and start by cleaning all the big trash out of the car. Then, vacuum thoroughly the interior, the carpets, the seats (do not forget to stretch out the upholstery to reach the interstices), the dashboard and the air vents. Do the same thing in the trunk.
Once this is done, perform a wipe-down of all the surfaces of the car with microfiber towels. You can use special products here like plastic dressing to have all the plastic surfaces shine and look new, or you can use leather conditioning if you have leather car seats. You can also find good waterless products specialized for interior detailing. These products will leave a good smell in your car and reveal your interior. If you have pet hair inside your car, you can use a rubber or vinyl gloves to remove these.

2. Clean the Windows

The last part of the interior cleaning is the windows. You want to use a special window cleaner to do these. Also, always use the same method to clean the windows and do not go circles. Go for straight moves from left to right or from top to bottom. Once the interior is done, you then have to clean all the windows on the exterior of the car. It is exactly the same process as the interior ones. However, if you washed the interior windows from left to right, go from top to bottom on the exterior. Using two different ways will allow you to see quickly which side is not clean at the end of the wash.
Most professional car detailers clean the windows before the bodywork for the simple reason that they do not want to have water streak leaking on the bodywork. Indeed, these streak can leave water spots that are very difficult to remove and require specialized products.

3. Wash the bodywork

You can now work on the exterior of the vehicle. There are two primary techniques:
– If you use water, you will need car detailing soap and at least two buckets.If you want not to use much water, you can simply wash the bodywork with soapy water and microfiber towels. Otherwise, you can use a hose all over your car with soap and then dry the car (but in that case, you have to do the windows afterward!)
– If you use waterless products, you need two microfiber towels. Once to wipe down the car with waterless products and the other one to wipe off the residues of the waterless products that are highly concentrated. There again, you do not want to go circles on the bodywork. Also, make sure to pay attentions to the rims, air vent and other narrow places where dirt and contaminants pill on.

4. Provide extra care

You are almost done with your car wash when arriving at this step. You can now provide the extra care your car deserve as long as you have the right equipment to do so. One of the most famous extra care people do by themselves is Engine Cleaning. Cleaning the entire engine compartment is not that difficult if you have a hose. Use some grease remover and spray water in the compartment. However, make sure to do it during the day where the engine can sundry properly. If you drown the engine, the car may not start right away!
You can also make sure that you remove all the tree sap and water spots on the car. Water spots appear especially after a heavy rain or when you park your car next to a sprinkle. Tree sap is also very common as you can get some any time you park under a tree. Last, you can consider restoring your headlight. Indeed, headlight restoration is doable by yourself as long as you take the time to do it. The result of a headlight restoration is, however, amazing. It will increase your visibility heavily on the road as well as your safety.
Before doing a full car detailing, all professional detailer start by doing this basic car wash. It prepares the vehicle to receive a more high-end treatment. Notably if you want to wax the car or to do a clay bar treatment, it is imperative that you first start by washing the car thoroughly like this.

5. Dress the tires and clean the wheels

The last step of the perfect car wash is to wash and dress the tires. First, start by spraying grease remover on the wheels. Then, using a rag, thoroughly clean the wheels by going into each interstice. With the right product, all the grease should come off right away. Then, use a tire dressing product that you spray and apply with a brush. It will give your tires a shiny look and add an extra layer of protection to your wheels.
The perfect car wash is what our mobile car detailers provide with the Lavish package of Washos. Even though we call it a mobile car wash it is definitely what we can call a mobile mini-detail as we spend time on the little details. Try one and you’ll see that you will never look at your corner car wash the same way again!
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