Product Updates

Our New Feature That Can Save You Money

Along with other changes to our app and website, we are happy to announce the launch of Washos’ new Recurring Plan. This was highly requested by our customers and it is meant to be available to those who want to stick with us for their car wash needs. For now this service is only available through our website, but it will move to our app very soon.

How Does It Work?

When you make a booking through our website there will be an option to choose how frequently you would want your car to be washed.

Recurring plan 1

While looking at the frequency options, you can click on “How do our Recurring Plans work?” to look at the benefits of using a frequency plan which include:

  • Saving you money on each carwash: We will take 25% off of however many add-on services you get. After each carwash, your savings will add up.
  • Late fees? Not with Washos: We will waive late cancellation fees encase of any last minute changes so you don’t have worry about paying for life, because life happens.
  • Flexibility: Change, edit and upgrade your recurring plan as well as your bookings. Increase it from every two weeks to every month, skip the bookings and cancel your plan with no strings attached.
  • Priority list: Have a favorite detailer? When you use the feature we will make sure you get the same detailer to work on your car. This reduces the risk of getting someone that doesn’t match your car wash needs and helps you get a positive result every time.

Recurring plan 2

As you can see, the benefits that come with selecting a longer frequency of car washes gives you a better deal than your average car wash. Just a couple of simple clicks can save you money and time, give you exclusive access to detailers and give you more flexibility when it comes to your bookings.

For now, this feature is in the beginning stages with plans for the future to add even more features that will change the way you think about car care. Try it out and tell us what you think!


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