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Mobile Car Wash Prices

Too busy to drive to the car wash? Did you know that, now, detailer can come to you? However, you have no idea how much it would cost you. Let us help with that.

The mobile car wash and detailing industry is pretty new. Today, finding a good and reliable mobile car detailer can be very difficult. In addition to the hassle, you do not know what is a fair price most of the time. When we created Washos offer, the most difficult part was to come up with a good price for our Lavish package. During that period, we had to do a comprehensive pricing benchmark to come up with a pricing that reflects the quality, method and convenience of the service.

How to assess the price of a mobile car wash?

When being quoted with a Mobile Car Wash service, you must take in consideration three factors, the quality and the convenience of the service.
Quality: one can expect only an exterior wash and dry. However, the complete Car wash will include the exterior wash, an Interior vacuum and wipe down with the trunk as well as the rims and tires. Washos provides, for example, top-quality mobile detail by partnering with only top professionals in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Convenience: you are requesting a mobile car cleaning service. If you need to schedule appointment days in advance, you might as well go to the corner car wash down the street. Only pay a premium if the detailer can do same-day appointment. Washos charges this type of premium as you can request a mobile car wash 3 hours in advance

Method: the price of a mobile car wash way completely change according to the method used. Whether the car detailer does a steam wash, uses waterless products or simply use water, the price may vary as it is most of the time indexed on the price of the supplies. Even though most of the car detailers that work with Washos are using Waterless products, we offer this extra for free as part of our eco-friendly commitment.

Mobile car wash prices range

  • A basic mobile car wash can go from $20 to $50.
  • Exterior Wash only will cost you between $20 to $30.
  • Exterior and Interior (vacuum and wipedown) will cost you between $30 to $40.
  • A full car wash with the trunk rims and tires usually cost $40.

If it is done with steam or waterless products, then you might have to pay up to $50. Indeed, as the waterless car detailing supplies or the steam machine are way more costly than doing a water car wash, car detailers may apply a premium of around $10 on the service.

You would also pay an extra according to the size of the car. Mobile detailer usually charges between $10 and $20 extra for SUV’s and large SUV’s. If your detailer offers you such services for higher prices, you might want to change of car cleaning provider.

Mobile car wash add-ons prices

Alongside your mobile car wash, your detailer might offer you some classic add-ons:

However, a mobile car wash company might often not be able to provide you with this kind of services. If you plan on getting more than a car washing service, I would advise you to look for a professional mobile detailer that can provide you with any car detailing service.

Grouping mobile car wash

Many companies have a mobile car washer at their office to wash more than one car at a time. In these situation, it is completely normal to ask for a grouping discount. Indeed, mobile car wash companies set their price according to their cost, and one of the most important for these business is the price of gas. Hence, multiple car washes are more profitable which is why you can ask for discounts. When you get more than 10 car washes at a time, you can find a good mobile car wash for a full car wash service for $25 per car. You can even reach $15 per car if you only need the exterior to be done.

Washos built its offer by analyzing the prices of hundreds of mobile car wash companies and by studying their cost. This is how we came to set up a price of $39 for the Lavish package that represents a full exterior & interior mobile car wash. However, we decided to offer the waterless option for free as we want to enact eco-friendly habits.

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