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21 Things Every LA Driver Will Instantly Recognize

1. You’ve spent thirty minutes to go four miles

2. How you feel getting on the freeway during rush hour

3. When you realize your friend is buying a Prius

Say no more…

4. Seeing parking enforcement near your car

Your archnemesis

5. When you see that white envelope under your windshield wiper…

Denial is the first stage of grief

6. Just another day on the freeway.

7. That DMV scene in Zooptopia is grounded in reality

8. On Monday you hate that new song, on Wednesday you’re humming and Friday you’re singing it

You know you love “Let Me Love You” by Justin Bieber

9. What does this even mean?

10. Why isn’t a thing everywhere?

11. You when that truck with high beams on is right behind you

12. When Waze makes you take that left turn across four lanes during peak traffic

13. What you’d like to do when you see motorcycles and you’re gridlocked

14. Why can’t people in LA drive in the rain???

It’s just water!

15. When everyone else is a bad driver

16. When you heard that President Obama was coming to town

ALL of the street closures.

17. When you’re asked to take the 405 at 5 PM


18. The BEST thing about being in LA for the holidays

19. When people don’t use turn signals

20. Rolling through stop signs likeee

Admit it.

21. You recognize a transplant when you hear I-10 or I-405

It’s THE 10 & THE 405

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