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How to remove mold from my car ?

We get that question a lot from car owners and our customers at Washos when they book mobile a car wash in Los Angeles.Let us tell you more about car mold removal.

What exactly is car mold?

Molds are a type of fungus and are part of the natural environment. They are microorganisms that play a role in nature outdoors because they are decomposers of dead organic materials (such as fallen leaves and dead trees). Molds reproduce by the means of tiny spores invisible to the naked eye and may begin growing when they land on surfaces that are wet.

This growth can happen in your car when it is exposed to water or moisture. As you may already be aware of, this is especially a problem if you are living in a wet climate.

When looking for molds in your car, be sure to inspect your interior thoroughly. Look under the seats, the floor mats, in your trunk… Mold usually appear in the most discreet places of your car.

Are molds dangerous?

They are! Molds can cause health problems. They produce irritants, allergens and sometimes potentially toxic substances. Inhaling or even touching mold is known to cause hay fever-type symptoms (sneezing, runny nose, red eyes, or skin rash) for some people.

These reactions to mold are quite common, and that’s why it is important to get rid of it in your car.Having your car detailed from time to time is essential to avoid mold growing in your car.

Where does mold come from?

Molds only develop with a moisture source, so you really want to eliminate the cause first. If you live in an extremely wet climate, you may want to consider buying a dehumidifier for your car. Otherwise, keep your car open and allow the wet areas to air dry completely.

Mold can also come from your bodywork as it is subject to many dirt and contaminants. Those elements will spread in your car interior and will deteriorate your fabric and leather until mold appear. To prevent your car from this, you need to do regularly a car wash or detailing. The best you can do is to protect your bodywork by adding a protective layer. You can think of doing a Clay Bar Treatment or using car wax to that extent. Detailer or car wash in Los Angeles is not what’s most difficult to find.

A good tip is to look for mold when you sense that there is a weird smell coming from somewhere in your car. Molds release putrid car odors that should alarm you and urges to learn some detailing skills!

How do I remove car mold myself?

Cleaning mold is actually not that difficult if you don’t have tons of it. Spread baking soda on the mold and use hot towels to remove it. If the mold is really embedded in your fabrics or leather car seats, use some bleach (not too much!) notably to disinfect your car. You can then rinse the area where you had mold and let it dry. Natural air is always better to dry your car. If bad odors persist, follow this guide we wrote about odor removal! 

If you have tons of mold in your car (if it was left abandoned for a long time for example), you definitely need to do a thorough interior detail. First, you need to shampoo all the mats in your interior and use hot water to clean those. There again you can add bleach to disinfect. We advise you to do so to prevent from catching small diseases due to mold exposure. Then you also have to clean your leather car seats if you have some using the right products and applying leather conditioning to prevent mold from growing again. Finally, wash and wipe down your interior using microfiber towels and let it dry opening all the doors and windows.

Don’t forget to check your air filters and turn on your AC on full power to remove dust and dirt from your car air circuit.

Removing mold using Washos!

Molds can be very dangerous if you don’t pay attention, especially for kids that can develop health issues. If you don’t feel comfortable renovating your car yourself, let Washos do it for you as we work with the most professional detailer.


Watch the video below for quite an extreme example!

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    Let the whole area air dry for another 15 minutes. You can then sprinkle some Borax powder over the seat or carpet and let that sit for 10 minutes and then vacuum that up as well. Thank you for such a great write up.

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