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Guide to detail your wheels and tires at home

One of the dirtiest places and often the most difficult to detail properly on a car are the wheels and tires. Over time, mud, brake fluid and dirt pile on your wheels giving a terrible look to your car. The biggest problems with wheels is that even a powerfully equipped corner car wash may not totally clean these. Only a professional car detailer will be able to perfectly restore your wheels and tires. If you don’t feel like looking for a car detailer or having a mobile detailer come at your home, let us explain you how you can do it yourself!

Why is it important to wash your wheels and dress your tires during a car detailing?

When tires get dirty or greasy, the contact between your wheels and the road is badly impacted. Keeping your wheels as clean as possible will maintain the condition of your car. Most people tend to take the utmost care of the bodywork of their vehicle doing regular exterior detailing. However, washing your wheels and dressing your tires is as important as doing car wax or a clay bar treatment. It gives an awesome look to your car and maintain its good functionning.

Using a steam cleaner will provide excellent results for the tires and will be an environmentally friendly way to keep your vehicle “like new”. Most mobile car detailers don’t use water to wash the tires and wheels. Indeed, steam or waterless products are usually preferred as they are pretty efficient for this part of the car.

How can I detail my wheels myself?

In order to fully clean your wheels, you will need:
– A steam cleaner brush suitable for tires
– Grease remover
– Tire dressing and wheels cleaning products
– Microfiber towels.

Step 1: Inspect all tires and remove any larger debris, such as rocks or gravel. These kinds of trash will bring dirt and contaminants on your wheels and tires.Step 2: If you use a car steam cleaner, vaporize your wheels with maximum power. That way, you will remove the excess of dust, brake fluids or dirt that are sticked to the wheels. If you use waterless products, spray some grease remover on the wheels and wait a couple of minutes that it soften all the dirt before wiping down with a clean rag.

Step 3: Use the brush moistened in water and gently wipe the tire to remove excess dirt or tar. You can also use tire dressing products that you can buy in any detailing store. Professional mobile car detailers will always use a special product to do this part of the wash.Step 4: Use a sponge or a microfiber towel to wipe away dirt and grime from wheels.Do one wheel at a time in order to prevent the cleaning products from drying. You can also use a strong jet of water before starting to dry the wheels with a microfiber towel.

 Repeat on each wheel, each rim, and each tire! And of course, any Washos mobile car detailer will do it regardless of the package you choose to have for your car. So why don’t you just sit back, relax and let us do all this for you? After all, we already have all the supplies and equipment to do this!
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