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9 Car Apps You Need to Have in LA

Managing the details of your jaunt around LA is where your day can unravel. Is your car fueled and ready to go? Is your ride clean and detailed? How about renting the perfect vehicle, parking and valet services, as-needed roadside assistance, mobile mechanic services, and ensuring that your children are safely buckled in?

Let’s face it, your day is often about drudgery and the time and effort you spend on getting around LA rather than being about where you want or need to be. And driving in LA can be stressful.

In fact, Los Angeles drivers spend more time in traffic than any other city in the world according to INRIX, a transportation analytics firm. The 2017 INRIX Global Traffic Scorecard analyzed the impact of traffic across 1,064 cities in 38 countries and Los Angeles drivers came in first with 104 hours of sitting in rush-hour traffic.

We’ve got 9 of the best smartphone car apps that make driving in the greater Los Angeles area more convenient, flexible, and an efficient use of your valuable time and effort while helping you get where you want to go.Click To Tweet


As a bonus, some of the founders of these apps have supplied us with an exclusive promo code for you to use.


Purple offers refueling services in the Los Angeles area from 7am-10pm. Wherever you are, with fee-based windows of one, three, or five hours, Purple will deliver and fill your tank with “top tier 87-91 unleaded fuel.”

Why spend precious time sitting in line at the pump? Don’t you have somewhere you’d rather be? Let Purple save you precious time and the hassle of doing it yourself with a full-service fill-up while you’re at work or home. Quickly becoming a favored App in LA, great service and competitive gas prices have made Purple a huge success.

Reasonable fees for the time window of your choice are added to comparable gas prices in the area. Fees range from $3.99-$9.99. The mobile app allows easy ordering, updates on progress, and notifies you when they’re done with your car. Don’t forget to ask for the tire pressure check!


What has your car done for you lately?

There are two sides to this app. With Turo, you can earn extra income by renting your personal vehicle or you can find the perfect vehicle to rent.

1- Rent your vehicle for a specific number of days or hours, set a predetermined mileage limit, and post a rate you choose (or let Turo determine your best price). You approve every booking, meet your renters, complete an inspection, and turn over the keys. Your car will be returned to you re-fueled and ready for your next booking.

2- Sign up with Facebook or Google and skip the long lines at the rental agency. Find the exact vehicle you want to rent for your next adventure. There are no additional costs or hidden fees. Pick a vehicle, book with the owner thru Turo, and the owner will meet you, do a visual inspection of the vehicle with you, check your driver’s license, confirm the fuel level, and the keys are handed over. Each rental comes with a $1 million dollar liability insurance policy and 24 roadside assistance.


On-demand daily rental cars for people on the go. Use the Skurt app to have a rental car delivered right to you.

Rent and pay by the day, no deposits or hidden charges. Skurt associates will deliver and pick up the vehicle when you’re ready. Drivers must be 21 years of age, but with Skurt there are No Under-Age User Fees. Don’t wait in line again, “Skurt” the rental counter and get busy spending your day the way you want.

Always convenient, flexible and affordable, and unlimited miles for your next LA play day.

Coupon: None required. First-time users get $2 off their total


Cashless valet parking?Of Course! Who has cash anymore for valet parking? Use the mobile app to seamlessly order and pay for concierge-quality valet service. Check-in with your smartphone at participating locations, leave your

Of Course! Who has cash anymore for valet parking?Use the mobile app to seamlessly order and pay for concierge-quality valet service. Check-in with your smartphone at participating locations, leave your

Use the mobile app to seamlessly order and pay for concierge-quality valet service. Check-in with your smartphone at participating locations, leave your keys and head out for a fun-filled evening without the worry of where to park or driving around aimlessly waiting for a space to open up.

Once you’re ready to leave, simply use the app to “request my car” and the valet will promptly arrive with your car. Payment is made with the app, and you’re done! Validations are required from participating venues to avoid incurring additional fees.

Why is LA a good market for your app?

Because LA is a densely populated city with terrible public transportation options, so everyone drives. There’s also the lazy factor…everyone loves convenience here and are willing to pay a premium for it.


Onsite mobile auto servicing at the tip of your fingers. These mechanics make house calls!

Your Mechanic technicians perform more than 600 different diagnostic, maintenance, and repair services at your home or office. A private drive, garage, or pre-agreed location is required.

Get a quote, make an appointment, and get your car fixed. No more finding a mechanic that will try to “fit you in” to their schedule and then having to find a ride home.

Give them a try the next time you need an oil change to experience this quality service, or if you find yourself in need of a big repair. Your Mechanic offers services at reduced rates, but feel free to check prices elsewhere. All prices clearly provided on the app. Every repair comes with a 12000-mile, 12-month warranty.

Exclusive Coupon: 9APPS to get $9 off all packages for new customers only


Mobile car wash and auto detailing services with the touch of your iPhone. Set up an account online, or through the iPhone app, and you’ll have Washos trained technicians at your disposal with the touch of a finger with the app.

Never again be embarrassed by a dirty or untidy car, or the words “wash me” scribbled on the rear window.  Washos will wash, and, or detail your car while you’re busy at home or the office. All we need is a little space and they can transform your car to a clean luster you’ll be proud to drive. Remember how you loved that beautiful interior?

Washos can restore that feeling and make you love your car again. Ask about our waterless car wash!

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This “pay-as-you-need” roadside service app is the answer to your emergency roadside assistance needs.

If you’ve ever had a flat tire, have been locked out of your car, needed a jump (your car battery), ran out of gas, or needed a tow, you know what a godsend it can be to have roadside assistance coverage.

The Honk app allows you to use your smartphone to order roadside assistance 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and with wait times as little as 15-30 minutes. Honk service providers will get your car back on the road and ready to go in no time at all.

Services are completely cashless and there are no membership fees; strictly pay-as-you-need. Imagine quality, responsive, roadside emergency assistance without throwing your money away on long-term membership fees. What took so long?

Why is LA a good market for your app?

Los Angeles traffic is brutal and many of us have waited 30 minutes in traffic only to drive 5 miles. When you set out to conquer a busy day and then have an unplanned roadside incident, it is critical to find a nearby towing company who is also available. HONK can ping the real time location of multiple providers near you, calculate their ETA with traffic, and handle all payment transactions so no cash is needed. HONK gives you peace of mind in difficult situations.

Tot Squad

Driving in LA with children screams “safety first,” and of course, “looking good!”

The Tot Squad provides busy parents in LA mobile baby gear services which include professional installation of your child’s car seat, and professional stroller or car seat detailing.

Why should your tots ride be any different than yours? Check out the Tot Squad’s web app to make arrangements to drop off your baby gear or to request their mobile services. Keep in mind that the Tot Squad also sells gift cards which can be a great gift for parents to be.

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Pavemint is more than an app, it’s a community. This exceptional concept app links residents who have available parking spaces to users who are searching for a safe and convenient place to park.

Why spend valuable time cruising the streets as you look for that perfect parking space?

Pavemint allows users to reserve parking spaces in advance for those days when they want the ease and convenience of a dedicated parking space.

The app also functions as a trip planner in terms of providing walk-time estimates from available parking spaces to your destination of choice. Read reviews and compare prices in the app to ensure that you’re satisfied with your choice ahead of time. Parking in LA has never been easier!

Why is LA a good market for your app?

Los Angeles is a great market for Pavemint because it’s notoriously difficult to find parking. In addition, because LA’s public transit doesn’t compare to other major cities, almost everyone uses a car to get around. While ridesharing services provide a great alternative for residents when traveling locally, they can also be expensive, between surges and how sprawled out our city is. That’s where Pavemint comes in!

Do you have suggestions or favorite apps you’d like to share? Add them in the comment section below

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